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Send SMS to a loved one – a great way to remind yourself. But instead of the usual kisses and smiles, “how are you” and “I miss you” is at least sometimes to pamper a man with something original. So why not send SMS to a loved one in the form of a rhyme or catch phrase? picked up an interesting SMS to a loved one: read and take notes in drafts of the phone.

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SMS to a loved one about how you missed:

  • In the soul longing, suffering, sadness.
    Did you not get through…
    The room is deaf, then a network failure,
    I come to you on foot?
  • Live when you’re around
    Under the sky, the sun and moon,
    With me you hand and eye,
    Mind body and soul!
  • Miss your captivating eyes,
    At the tender, the sighs, the flaming lips,
    And look forward to your touch
    As the sweet and tender moments!
  • For you – laughter, tears
    For you – poems and prose,
    For you, the day serene,
    Well, of course not!

SMS love – poetry in the Ukrainian language:

  • If not sleep in the dead of night,
    I quietly slonik Rahul.
    And ti, kahani, sasini,
    Hi Tobi I dream of Paradise!
  • Clou, miy cat, I’m your bear!
    Pasnica, I’m at a time in Stribro Tobi like,
    Tihenko will Poskrebyshev I will rigorosi
    Bo spathi duzhe without you I’m afraid!!!

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SMS to a loved one about kissing:

  • Is a virtual kiss. Pressed against heart. To repeat 7 times.
  • I’m glad every meeting, every call, every SMS, and kiss your…
  • I want to see you,
    Want to hug, to kiss.
    I miss you,
    Words not to say!
  • Hello! How are you doing? I’ll see you in the evening! I so wanted! A whole. And – see you soon!

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SMS to a loved one about love:

  • Attention!!!! It is a strange virus! He broke into my phone book, there chose the most beautiful, kind and intelligent man, and sent him this love sms!
  • Sleep, kitten, sweetly,
    After all, you’re probably in bed.
    Tight close your eyes,
    I love you, BUY BUY!!!
  • My love, my destiny.
    You too, without which I am not.
    My world, my thoughts, dreams, dreams,
    All that I love in the world is YOU!

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  • Would you like anything:
    The darkness of night, light of day,
    And rock, and surface water,
    Only you love me!
  • Tonight stay with me, my beloved
    Tonight hold tight me
    Tonight I want to forget problems
    Tonight I want to love you!
  • If you’re next to me under a love Starfall, justify hope, if you’re going without clothes!
  • I love you like the sea loves the sunrise!
  • Write a letter, the window is open,
    And thoughts torn into the clouds!
    I write to you frankly,
    That I love you!!!
  • My love for you is like a dinosaur big, it is like a space without end! I can’t keep it a secret, I Love you so much!
  • Love you like the devil swamp witch fucking broom as a Russian loves vodka – that’s how I love you!

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SMS to a loved one about boredom:

  • I guess when I see the Earth is spinning slower than normal, because the minutes seem like hours!!!
  • I’m with you every night falling asleep, I get up every morning with you. And heart you feel. When you’re not next to me.
  • I feel a void, Because not around you. I don’t know what to do with this, You are for me only.
  • Wanted a pair of most beautiful eyes in the world, who illegally crossed the border of love and friendship, and stole my heart! I look into those eyes and You know!
  • I’m not a witch, I’m still learning, and focus “not to miss you” I have not yet obtained…
  • Time goes by, and the girl waiting. If you don’t call me after 10 minutes – the father of my child can become someone else.
  • I just got out of the shower. Transparent droplets of water gently caressing my velvet skin. What a pity that it’s not you!

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Send SMS to a loved one – give him an unusual message!

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