Salad “Caprese”


Салат "Капрезе"

Every national cuisine has its own original salads. These dishes are very popular. Any hot meat dish goes well with salads. Because salads are very popular. We have no recipe for salads. Next we will talk about how to prepare Italian salad “Caprese”. Of course from such a salad Your family will love. Caprese able to cook even the young mistress. So feel free to grab this recipe. So, let’s prepare this beautiful salad…


· Tomatoes – 3 medium pieces;
· Mozzarella cheese – 150 grams;
· Balsamic vinegar – 2 table spoons;
· Basil – 1 small bunch;
· Salt/pepper – to Your taste.

The recipe of the Caprese salad.

1. Start cooking salad “Caprese” with the slicing tomatoes into slices.

2. Then take mozzarella cheese and cut it the slices. 3. In a salad bowl stacked alternately mozzarella and tomatoes.

4. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

5. Received decorate the salad with Basil leaves and dressed with balsamic vinegar.

As a result, the Caprese salad is ready. It turns out very light and flavorful. As you can see, this salad is prepared very quickly. The result is a simply awesome meal. For any experienced hostess to prepare this salad is nothing. However, for family members, this salad will be a real boon. We are sure that this salad will leave You in the shower only positive memories. Because prepare “Caprese” to their loved ones. Salad will certainly be good for meat, a hot dish. Also it can be eaten as separate dishes. If the recipe You like, write your comments on this dish. For us it will be the best compliment!

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