Raspberry smoothie “Taste of summer”


Малиновый смузи "Вкус лета"

In the short summer season, especially crimson, you need to have time to try all of those sweet berries! Here is how to prepare a raspberry smoothie “Taste of summer” is a delicate and sweet option for Breakfast, afternoon tea!

Description of preparation:

The recipe can be used not only cream cheese, but delicate curd. This drink will be very useful for children, serve it for Breakfast or an afternoon snack. It is thick, hearty and very tasty! Children who suffer from allergies, you can substitute red raspberries-yellow, this this taste and benefits will not change.


  • Raspberry — 50 Grams
  • Natural yoghurt — 120 Grams
  • Cream cheese — 50 Grams (or soft cheese)
  • Sugar — 1 teaspoon

Servings: 1

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How to make “Raspberry smoothie “Taste of summer””

Малиновый смузи "Вкус лета"
Prepare products for beverage. The raspberries sort of the broken berries, rinse under water and drain in a colander to drain the moisture.

Малиновый смузи "Вкус лета"
In a tall container for whisking pour the yogurt, add the sugar, cheese and raspberries. Sugar can be replaced with powder or honey.

Малиновый смузи "Вкус лета"
Blender preroute ground to a uniform air condition. Smoothie is ready, pour into a tall glass and enjoy the taste of summer!