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If on holidays in may 2018 you decided with your family or friends to get into the woods, on the river or even to the country, to REPLACE YOUR WEBSITE advised in advance to prepare a menu of dishes for the picnic.

Warm spring days, especially if they fall on a weekend, so wonderful to spend somewhere in the city, closer to the pond, away from the dust, hustle and heat.

And your picnic was a success, it is prepared in advance and to consider what you’ll be carrying everything from clothing and entertainment to the delicious and mouth-watering menu in nature.

Of course, the main dish that enhances any menu outdoors is the barbecue. The kebabs on the nature can be of various types of meat – pork, chicken, beef, etc., and also from fish, seafood and even vegetables. Choose the kebab recipe depending on the taste preferences of your company.

  • Menu outdoors: Barbecue pork with spices and white wine

A picnic of grilled pork © shutterstock

Offer you to include in the menu for the cookout, barbecue pork, marinated in white wine and lots of spices. Traditionally, the most delicious kebab from pork. And the truth is, meat is so yum!

  • Menu nature: Honey barbecue chicken

The dishes for the picnic: photo of chicken kebab © Depositphotos

Chicken barbecue is often a good alternative to pork, especially when you need to quickly prepare a meat diet. And if you before may holidays I marinate the meat with honey and lime juice, then get a delicate, soft, delicious barbecue with a subtle refined aroma.

  • Menu nature: Skewers of fish

Pictures of a picnic © Oleg Batrak,

Fish kebab is more lean and diet food than grilled meat, it is easier to bear in the stomach and better absorbed by the body. Fish, unlike meat, marinated and fried very quickly, and taste the fried fish is able to surprise many foodies.

  • Menu outdoors: grilled Squid

Snack on a picnic with photo: fried calamari © shutterstock

Among the huge variety of appetizer recipes on the picnic we have chosen for you a very original version of the skewers of squid. I advise you to try to cook this dish – so delicious!

  • Menu nature: Skewers of grilled vegetables

Picnic snacks recipes photo ©

Grilled vegetables is a great side dish to meat or fish and a wonderful option vegetable kebab. But even by themselves with warm bread and spicy sauce is very tasty. Tastes best, of course, on fire, with smoke. Try it!

A pleasant stay and meal!


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