Marshmallow Apple jam


Зефир из яблочного джема

For marshmallow by GOST are encouraged to take 4 apples, bake and whip them into a puree with sugar. In this recipe how to make marshmallows from Apple jam, I just skipped these steps, reducing the cooking time.

Description of the preparation:

Before you very tasty and healthy dessert. Zephyr is made on the basis of agar-agar. This natural gelatin is practically not absorbed by the body, but gives a feeling of satiety and speeds up metabolism. Agar-agar, unlike gelatin, it should be boiled. Should work with it quickly, as it already freezes at 40 degrees. It’s his only flaw, which turns into an advantage: the dishes with it do not melt at room temperature.Cooked marshmallows I first time in my life. Always thought that this is a complicated process which I can not afford, but it was interesting to try. And I did it! So don’t delay, this recipe is on the back burner and try now! Pleasant to you of hassle in the kitchen!


  • Apple butter — 250 Grams
  • Protein — 1 Piece
  • Agar-agar — 4 Tea spoon (no slides)
  • Water — 150 Ml
  • Sugar — 400 Grams
  • Vanilla — 1 Pinch

Number of servings: Twenty

How to cook “Marshmallows Apple jam”

Зефир из яблочного джема
Be sure to pre-prepare a working surface for otshivaniya marshmallows and a pastry bag. Cover two baking sheets with parchment paper for baking. So how then to do this, you will not have enough time, because agar-agar solidifies quite rapidly at room temperature.

Зефир из яблочного джема
Prepare all the necessary ingredients.

Зефир из яблочного джема
Agar-agar soak in cold water for an hour.

Зефир из яблочного джема
Then bring the mass to boil. Add the sugar and vanilla, stir, bring to a boil and boil for 5-10 minutes on a slow fire, to a spoon that is extracted from the syrup, stretched thin thread, which hardens quickly.
Remove the syrup from heat.

Зефир из яблочного джема
Apple butter, whisk egg whites until fluffy light weight for 5 minutes.

Зефир из яблочного джема
Not stopping to whisk, add the hot syrup in a thin stream. Beat for 7 minutes until, until the mixture will hold its shape.

Зефир из яблочного джема
Fill the warm weight of the piping bag and quickly put the marshmallow on the parchment. I got 52 halves on two baking sheets. Place the pan with marshmallows to harden in a dry place for 1 day.

Зефир из яблочного джема
Then sprinkle the marshmallow with the icing sugar, fold in 2 halves and serve.

Зефир из яблочного джема
Bon appetit!