Coffee “The Borgias”


Coffee “the Borgias” can be confidently called native traditional Italian drink, because, through the use of highly roasted (and in some exceptional cases even refried) bean, it can leave a unique taste of bitterness, which is highly recommended to smooth out the whipped cream. I want to draw your attention to the fact that coffee will get a strong taste, so one Cup will be enough to get a good charge of vivacity for the whole day. There is a common belief that the Italians were the first to apply for the preparation of coffee beans roasted until black or even overcooked, which have all signs of bitterness.

Ingredients for making coffee “the Borgias”

  • Coffee fine grinding 3 h spoon with a slide
  • Chocolate with a content of 55-60% cocoa 40 grams
  • Dairy cream (I usually use 23% fat) 50 ml.
  • Sugar powder 1 tea spoon
  • Orange peel, one dessert spoon
  • Purified water (or boiled and cooled) 300 ml.
    • Main ingredients
      Cocoa and chocolate, Coffee

    • Lumpiness
      2 servings

    • Kitchen world
      Italian cuisine

    Кофе «Борджиа»
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    Cooking hob,
    A couple of cups for coffee,
    Mixer or blender

    Cooking coffee “the Borgias”:

    Step 1: Prepare the coffee.

    Кофе «Борджиа»
    Ground coffee should be a special preparation under Turku, to the finely. Turn on the fire and heated a little Turku, then pour a small pinch of salt and coffee at the rate of 1 teaspoon per 1 Cup of coffee. Stir and give coffee to warm up a bit. Then pour water, fill up to 1 tea spoon of sugar in a Cup and put on a slow fire. Wait, when coffee will boil and foam begins to rise, remove from heat, stir and put again. The second time the foam should rise, we immediately remove and do not stir, allow it to subside. The third time, boil coffee quite a bit, just to escape the foam. At the end pour a teaspoon of ice water to the grounds settled to the bottom.
    Кофе «Борджиа»
    Pour into Cup with melted chocolate. You can melt the chocolate or on steam bath or in the microwave. Most importantly, it crushed and spread out immediately in the coffee cups.

    Step 2: Prepare the cream.

    Кофе «Борджиа»
    Whip the cream either with a mixer or in a blender. In a narrow glass, you need to drain the cream and add the icing sugar, you need to stir them at an angle until a thick homogeneous foam. In order for the lather was more airy and lightweight, you can take the cream of the low fat content. Whipped cream put in a Cup of coffee.
    Кофе «Борджиа»
    Pour gently on top of orange zest.

    Step 3: Serve coffee “the Borgias”.

    Кофе «Борджиа»
    To drink coffee you need in order to feel the cheerfulness and confidence throughout the working day. But if you are tired and want to unwind in the evening, then I advise you to put in half the coffee, so the drink will raise your tone and a little cheer. But I assure you, it will not prevent you to sleep deeply.
    Enjoy your time!

    Tips for recipe:

    – — Whip cream need a little warm then the foam will be better formed. To do this, they can be a few seconds to put in microwave or heat dipping bowl with the cream in the bowl of a larger volume that needs to be filled with boiling water.

    – — In order to remove the zest so narrow, thin and long strips, use a sharp knife or a peeler. In some cases, you can use a grater for Korean carrot. Keep in mind that the orange should be carefully washed with a special brush.

    – — To enhance the flavor, the surface of the cream, you can sprinkle a little cinnamon, which will give the drink an incredible aroma. Besides, his appearance will be much more aesthetically pleasing.