Easy and delicious cherry pie, the recipe of which is in front of you, to prepare you not only during the season of cherry blossoms. For it is quite suitable and frozen cherries. If you do not have frozen cherries from the summer, buy it, you can at any supermarket. The highlight of the pie that is baked only its cheese-based.

Cake can be called a cool dessert that’s perfect with coffee or tea. Keep it, you can in the fridge for a few days. Well, that homemade cake is very tasty cakes, I think, to say no…

Cherry pie: recipe for a delicious dessert

Baking a cake will take you no more than two hours. The pie is large enough, it is enough for the whole family. More importantly, the cake comes out very inexpensive.

For the preparation you will need:

• butter – 150 grams;
• cottage cheese (fat content at your discretion) – 150 grams;
• cherries (can be frozen) – 500 grams;
• wheat flour – 150 grams;
• granulated sugar – 180 grams;
• gelatin – 10 GMS.

Cooking cherry pie

1. The cold butter will combine with the flour.
2. In the dough add curd and sugar.
3. Knead tight dough, wrap it and send in the refrigerator. The dough is supposed to be there at least an hour.
4. Cherry mix with sugar and put on fire.
5. Gelatin soak for 10 minutes.
6. Once the berries are boiling, pour in the pan gelatin.
7. Put the saucepan with the cherries in a cool place.
8. Roll out the dough and spread onto the surface of the bakeware.
9. Make several punctures with a fork.
10. Send the base in the oven for 15 minutes at 180 degrees.
11. Cool base, put on her cherry and put the cake in the fridge.

To serve cherry pie a La carte need. It is very easy to cut with a knife into beautiful pieces. Bon appetit!

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